Thermal Press Machine

Thermal press machine series~
TPE thermal press machine, TPU thermal press machine.
The machine designs for soften plastic products, such as TPE, TPR, TPU and other soften plastics with difficulty processing (TPE plasticity rubber elastomer, TPR plasticity rubber elastomer, TPU plasticity rubber elastomer), precise machine frame, production speedy, stronger welding quality, especially for TPU toy ball, TPE toy ball, TPR toy ball, bike prick-proof tire(bike inner tire), motorcycle inner tire, medical syringe, artificial heart respirator, prick-proof life-saving jacket, shoes air pad and female underwear pectoral girdle. The request production welding tenacious, fast and accurate mold change, the operation simple, the non-pseudo welding phenomenon and so on, so long as the work piece needs welding, Pan Uni has the production also to have in view of the developmental customer quantity produces making. Pan Uni has formidable research and development team and advanced welding technology, promotes heat sealer of the different welding technology every year. Welcome to contacts us for our products.