Spin Welding Machine - Rotary Table System

  • Equipment Features:
    • All series use HMI.
    • All series use PLC program control.
    • European imports of high torque motors with strong brake clutches.
    • Increase the machine large column ∮ 100 mm with large upper and lower structure to prevent the reaction torque when starting and instantaneous stop.
    • Gravity rotary machining shaft design.
    • High steel fixture, strong welding power.
    • Modular mold design.
    • Machining spare parts all NC precision processing.
    • CE safety specifications (optional).
    • Provides high torque for the sporting device selected from 1 horsepower to 50 hp.
  • Model Number PU-AS900R
    Size L920*W840*H1980 mm
    Weight 450 ㎏
    Power 220V∕380V∕3Ø∕20A
    Pneumatic 6kgf∕cm²∕30ℓ∕1Minute
    Capacity 6-8 Sec.∕1 Pcs. (Continuous production)
    Suitable for Spin welding for the small diameter PE, PP, nylon, POM pipe RO filter or double cup.