Turn Table Ultrasonic Welder

  • Equipment Features:
    • Uses Japanese NTK super strong booster with the latest resonant circuit. Ensure stable output amplitude, and exceptionally strong power.
    • Gravity casting machine chassis, NC precision processed and assembled.Ensure stable product quality.
    • Selectable stand motor elevation means quick adjustments.
    • From 15KHZ、20KHZ、28KHZ to 35KHZ, each frequency can be freely paired. Suitable for ultrasonic processing of moldable plastic.
  • Model Number PU-AU600R
    Size L900×W600×H1950m/m
    Weight 350 ㎏
    Electrical Power 220V ∕380V∕3∮∕15A
    Pneumatic 6㎏f ∕㎝²∕50ℓ ∕1Minute
    Capacity 10-20 Pcs. ∕1 Minute  (Artificial feeding)
    Suitable for ABS、PS、475、POM、Acrylic、PA.