Automatic Filling and Welding Machine-Rotary Table and Trimming System

  • Equipment Features:

    • Rotary table welding equipment / trimming equipment / Mineral stone filter filling.
    • HMI combined all adjustment function (abnormal, group, monitoring ... and other functions).
    • Precision high torque motor and high-low speed frequency conversion system.
    • Precision indexing and adjustable speed transmission system.
    • Eight-angle NC large rotary table and strong center pillar structure.
    • The machine structure is high rigidity steel plate welding, tempering, CNC machining, horizontal, vertical.
    • Rotary mold and telescopic design.
    • Option switch of trimming ← → no trimming mode.
    • Mineral stone filler screw automatic feeding structure.
    • Automatic vibration compaction when filling / automatic suction dust when filling.
  • Model Number PU-ASF800C
    Size L1200*W1600*H2500 mm
    Weight 900 ㎏
    Power 220V∕380V∕3Ø∕10KW
    Pneumatic 6kgf∕cm²∕30ℓ∕1Minute
    Capacity Filling+Spin welding+Trimming+Time for displacement/1PIECE (Continuous production)
    Suitable for Automatic rotary-table high speed spin welding production of Activated carbon filter and mineral stone filter.