Automatic Plastic Pallet Welding Machine

  • Equipment Features:
    • Japanese Mitsubishi HMI, combined with adjustment / monitoring / automatic error detection / PLC data.
    • Temperature control module design, built-in HMI adjustment and monitoring / SSR no contact heating / compensation.
    • Temperature difference, pressure difference electronic protection device.
    • High flow, fast and low speed control oil system, using 10HP motor and high pressure high-speed pump, respectively, set the action / hot melt / combined with different pressures, can be set and adjust from HMI.
    • When the pallet size is changed, the reference scale is clearly marked, and the adjustment time can be shortened.
    • The hot plate adopts the main plate (insert the heating tube), the upper / lower sub-die, special ceramic Teflon surface painting, anti-sticking effect is particularly good.
    • All internal cylinders and hydraulic cylinders adopts VITON heat-resistant parts.
    • The air pressure tube is made of NYLON high temperature.
    • Heating plugs are available in the European regulations.
    • Strong fixture, improves material bending, and is more flat when combined.
    • View window with tempered glass.
    • Full Mechanical large-scale U-steel / CNC sheet metal / environmental protection coating.
    • Manual feed / automatic feed / automatic discharge design.
    • Work area lighting system.
  • Model Number PU-MH1515AP
    Size L18.2m*W3.8m*H4.5m
    Weight 22000 ㎏
    Power 440V/3 PHASE/GROUND WIRE 200A
    Pneumatic 6kgf∕cm²∕50ℓ∕1Minute
    Capacity 50~120SEC./1MOLD (Weldingpart) / automatic production line should be considered trimmed into the stopper working time
    Suitable for

    PE.PP large plastic pallet welding
    9-point welding / 3 feet welding / 4 wire welding / above symmetrical pallet welding 

    (within the scope of adjustable production)