Automatic Ultrasonic Welder

  • Equipment Features:
    • Includes vibrator infeed and part separation systems.
    • Precision calibrated turntable for processing at various stations.
    • Horizontal adjustment and positioning.
    • High-speed robot arm extractor.
    • PLC programmable logic control.
  • Model Number PU-AU800R
    Size L1050*W950*H1950 ㎜
    Weight 650 ㎏
    Electrical Power 220V ∕380V∕3∮∕15A
    Pneumatic 6㎏f ∕㎝²∕50 ℓ ∕1Minute
    Capacity 10-20 Pcs. ∕1 Minute (Automatic Production)
    Suitable for Automatic feed production of small ABS, PS, 475,POM, Acrylic, PA, etc. parts.