Horizontal End to End Sync Welder

  • Equipment Feature
    • Japan FUJI 5.7" touch screen controller.
    • MITSUBISHI PLC controller.
    • Japan FUJI PID thermostatic control, SSR Non-contact switch. micro-temperature compensation ±1℃.
    • Temperature difference, pressure difference electronic protector.
    • End to end multi-point sync fusion.
    • The entire machine uses NC precision processed parts.
    • Linear slide motion device. (Servo drive or pneumatic circuit transmission optional)
    • Uses strong U shape chassis, aluminum extrusion and environmental friendly powder coating for machine outward appearance.
    • Abnormal operation computer monitors circuit function, pneumatic pressure and electrical temperature fool proof capability.
    • Operation gate, Security light curtain. (Optional)
    • CE safety specification certified. (Optional)
  • Model Number PU-MH1850L-D
    Szie L1850×W1010×H1830㎜
    Weight 1100 ㎏
    Processing parts L550×W200×H200(processing product)
    Pneumatic 6㎏f ∕㎝²∕30 ℓ ∕1Minute
    Capacity 30-50sec./1cycle(Not include manual placement)
    Suitable for PP、POM、nylon solar panel / PCB cleaning machine (carrier) end to end sync fusion.