Horizontal Spin Welding Machine

  • Equipment Features:
    • HMI / group memory / action parameter set / PLC program control.
    • Yaskawa servo dual system, fixture base with advance and retreat processing structure.
    • Flow control hydraulic motor mechanism spin welding design.
    • Adjustable machining center height roller base design.
    • Large grinding high steel plate and NC processing frame.
    • CNC metal package / environmental protection powder coating.
    • Machine NC precision parts processing / assembly.
    • Double-end independent simultaneous welding / servo advance and retreat adjustable welding depth.
  • Model Number PU-MS900L
    Size L4300*W1150*H1850 mm
    Weight 1500 ㎏
    Power 220V∕380V∕3Ø∕50A
    Pneumatic 6kgf∕cm²∕30ℓ∕1Minute
    Capacity 6~30sec./1pcs.(Not include manual placement, depend on the wall of work-piece, depth of welding.)
    Suitable for Larger and longer plastic pipe PE, PP, nylon, PET and other RO reverse osmosis filter or conveyor belt plastic roller and other long thick wall thickness of the product.