Hot Plate Welding Machine - Hydraulic Standard Type

  • Equipment Features:
    • All series use HMI.
    • All series use PLC program controls.
    • PID temperature control, SSR no contact switch temperature compensation ± 1 ℃.
    • Temperature difference, pressure difference electronic protection device.
    • Machining spare parts all NC precision processing.
    • Bearing steel SUJ2 (RHC62 ± 2) kit set, precise and stable, long life.
    • Modular mold design.
    • The strongest U-shaped steel frame machine body, the most stable operation, sheet metal CNC processing of machine body, environmental protection powder coating.
    • Computer self-detection for operation abnormal, air pressure electric foolproof function.
    • High and low two speed design of hydraulic loop for the function of heat and combine.
    • Active door, safety curtain (optional).
    • Full range of CE safety specifications (optional).
    • More than 500 machines technical experience and sales performance.
  • Model Number PU-MH1000H
    Size L1470*W1450*H2200 mm
    Weight 1200 ㎏
    Processing parts L400*W300*H500 mm
    Pneumatic 6kgf∕cm²∕30ℓ∕1Minute
    Hydraulic 50kgf∕cm²
    Capacity 20-40 Sec.∕1 Mold (Not include manual placement)
    Suitable for PE, PP, nylon, ABS, acrylic, POM and other high-volume containers and to withstand internal pressure test requirements.