Vibration Welder (Linearwelding)

  • Equipment Features:
    • Series uses touch screen control interface.
    • Series uses PLC controller.
    • Uses Imported German and Japanese High-torque transmission system .
    • Precision U shape steel frame with reinforced chassis. Prevents vibration.
    • Internally sealed sound absorbing material lowers noise level.
    • 6.0.7~1.8㎜ vibration amplitude.
    • 100-200HZ operational frequency (adjustable).
    • Modular mold change design allows fast and precise mold change.
    • Not limited to machining fixture weight fit restriction.
    • Fixed orientation welding function. (Optional)
    • Conforms to CE safety specification. (Optional)
  • Model Number PU-LV44U
    Szie L1460×W920×H1950mm (Reference size)
    Weight 1050 ㎏
    Processing Area L120*W120 mm
    Electric Power 220V∕380V∕3∮∕40A
    Pneumatic  6kgf∕cm²∕30ℓ∕1Minute
    Hydraulic  20-40 kgf∕cm²
    Capacity 4 ~10 Sec. ∕1 Mold (Not include manual placement)
    Suitable for Square, Polygon nylon fiber, POM fiber etc. automobile parts.