Plastic Pallet Welding Machine - For Non-slip Strip Welding

  • Equipment Features:
    • Cantilever type HMI, PLC program controls..
    • PID temperature control, SSR no contact switch temperature compensation ± 1 ℃.
    • Temperature difference, pressure difference electronic protection device.
    • The strongest U-shaped steel frame machine body, the most stable operation.
    • Computer self-detection for operation abnormal, simple operation.
    • Servo control moveable base, feed and discharge synchronization fixture.
    • High and low two speed design of hydraulic loop for the function of heat and combine.
    • Single side, 4 pieces non-slip strip synchronization go forward and welding / pallet one by one production.
    • Precision hot air welding system.
    • Non-slip strip cutting system, non-slip strip distance and quantity adjustable.
  • Model Number PU-AW2000C5
    Size L6655*W2900*H2250 ㎜
    Weight 4000 ㎏
    Processing parts 19KW/220V/380v/3∮
    Pneumatic 6kgf∕cm²∕30ℓ∕1Minute
    Capacity 800-1200㎜/1Minute (Continuous production)
    Suitable for Any material plastic pallet