Standard Orientation Spin Welder (Bottom Spin System)

  • Equipment Features:
    • Series uses touch screen control interface.
    • Series uses PLC controller.
    • Uses Japanese made YASKAWA high torque servo motor and driver.
    • Enlarged chassis column∮100㎜ and large upper and lower structure. This prevents the torque reaction during startup and rapid stopping.
    • Upper and lower guide rod are∮25㎜ or larger.To prevents tolerance deviation during heavy spin processing.
    • First in nation to feature 2 in 1 fix orientation spin welding and trimming. Achieving the tasks of positioning requirement and flash removal .
    • Specially designed lower clamp block that adjusts to the position required of the work piece.
    • Modular mold change capability.
    • Entire machine uses NC precision parts processed and assembled.
    • Conforms to CE safety specification. (Optional)
    • Provide high torque of the motor apparatus. Choose from 1.8KW to 15KW (96 N.m【㎏f.㎝】).
    • More than 120 unit of technical experience and sales record.
  • Model Number PU- FS800D
    Szie L875*W650*H1985 ㎜
    Weight 450 ㎏
    Electric Power 220V ∕380V∕3∮∕20A
    Pneumatic 6㎏f ∕㎝²∕30 ℓ ∕1Minute
    Capacity 4-6 Sec. ∕1 Pcs. (Not include manual placement.)
    Suitable for PE, PP, Nylon, POM, PBT etc. globe, tube, motor oil and gas filter must use fix orientation and angle spin welding.