Ultrasonic Welding Machine - Rotary Table System

  • Equipment Features:

    Note: manual feed / automatic welding machine / automatic unload material.

    • 2600W high-power ultrasonic plastic welding machine.
    • Cross type ultrasonic base adjustment mechanism.
    • 6 STEP high precision divider, variable speed drive unit, torque limit protector, fast brake clutch, NC rotary-table, rotary-table top fixed-position structure.
    • Large grinding steel plate, CNC metal machine platform, environmental protection powder coating.
    • Automatic ejection, slide track into the material design.
    • Connection circuit with ultrasonic and rotary-table.
    • Add a quick mold change design.
    • Automatic unload device can be used with the stop action.
  • Model Number PU-AU600R1
    Size L900×W600×H1950mm
    Weight 350 ㎏
    Power 220V∕380V∕3Ø∕15A
    Pneumatic 6kgf∕cm²∕50ℓ∕1Minute
    Capacity 10~20 Pcs./1Minute (Manual feeding)
    Suitable for For ABS, PS, 475, POM, Acrylic, PA