Rotary High Speed Spin Welder

  • Equipment Features:
    • Series uses touch screen control interface.
    • Series uses PLC controller.
    • Imported European high torque motor with strong clutch brake .
    • Enlarged chassis column∮100㎜ and large upper and lower structure. This prevents the torque reaction during startup and rapid stopping.
    • upper and lower guide rod are∮25㎜ or larger.To prevents tolerance deviation during heavy spin processing.
    • First in nation to feature welding and trimming capability. New improved trim blade block that can adjust to the change in the way modular mold clamp clamping to the right.
    • High hardness steel clamp prevent vibration during high speed spin welding.
    • Modular mold change capability.
    • Uses NC precision parts, processed and assembled.
    • Conforms to CE safety specification. (Optional)
    • Provide high torque motor apparatus. Choose from 1 hp to 50 hp.
    • More than 1000 unit of technical experience and sales record.
  • Model Number PU- AHS900R
    Szie L920*W840*H1550 ㎜
    Weight 450 ㎏
    Electric Power 220V ∕380V∕3∮∕20A
    Pneumatic 6㎏f ∕㎝²∕30 ℓ ∕1Minute
    Capacity 4-6 Sec. ∕1 Pcs. (Automatic discharge)
    Suitable for Automatic rotary production of high speed spin welding of small diameter PE, PP, Nylon, POM tube.