Thermo Forming Machine

  • Equipment Features:
    • Uses touch screen controller. PLC controller.
    • PID thermostatic control, SSR Non-contact switch. micro-temperature compensation ±1℃.
    • Temperature difference, pressure difference electronic protector.
    • Precision U shape frame with reinforced chassis. Ensure post pressed perpendicularity of the top and bottom.
    • Bearing Steel SUJ2(HRC62±2)working kit.
    • Modular mold changing design. Emphasis on speed and precision during mold change.
    • Selectable pneumatic or hydraulic specification. (According to the demand for materials processing selection)
    • Conform to CE safety specification. (Optional)
  • Model Number PU-MF800
    Szie L780*W650*H1695 ㎜
    Weight 350 ㎏
    Electric Power 220V ∕380V∕3∮∕15A
    Pneumatic 6㎏f ∕㎝²∕30 ℓ ∕1Minute
    Capacity 5 ~15 Sec. ∕1 Mold
    Suitable for Thermoforming riveted products such as medical diverting connector and electrical product.